Get to know the 2017 Festival Queen entrants

Emily Cartwright

Emily is the queen candidate for Grenfell Bowling Club. Emily has lived in Grenfell for the last 6 years. Emily completed her HSC and graduated from the Henry Lawson High School last year and is now enjoying her employment at Clive J Anderson & Co where she mans the front desk. Emily enjoys being active and plays netball in the Thursday night competition. She is interested in beauty and fashion.

Vanessa Knight

Vanessa is the Queen candidate for The Henry Lawson High School P&C. Vanessa graduated from THLHS in 2015 and was awarded dux of the school for Year 12. Vanessa is currently studying an online course in Education through UNE and would like to pursue a career as a Maths Tutor. Vanessa has already begun some tutoring in the community which has made her excited to do more in the future. For the past year, Vanessa has been working as a casual deli assistant at the IGA. She feels through her employment she has built many new and existing connections to the people of Grenfell. Vanessa enjoys doing many creative activities such as card making, colouring, playing piano and flute for church services. Vanessa is looking forward to the experience of being a queen entrant particularly during such a significant year.

Rachel Gillard

Rachel is the Queen Entrant for the Grenfell Multipurpose Service. After moving to Grenfell from Adelaide 10 years ago she has adapted and fallen in love with country life. Rachel’s hobbies include gardening, home renovation with her husband and spending time with her family. Rachel loves to travel and has plenty of destinations to tick off her bucket list. She would also like to fit in another skydive! Rachel adores VW Beetle cars and has never been without one since she was 16! Rachel is the mother of two adult children, James and Hellen, and has recently become a grandmother. Rachel is completing her Diploma of Endorsed Enrolled nursing and may go on to further study.

Francesca Nolan

Francesca is the Queen Candidate for Grenfell Public School P&C. Francesca is currently teaching a Stage 2 Class at the school after moving to Grenfell in 2015. Francesca is enjoying participating in many of the activities Grenfell has to offer. She plays in the soccer, netball and squash completions in town. Francesca is also enthusiastically involved in the arts. She plays the guitar and ukulele and play at Open Mic Nights. Francesca also has a keen interest in photography, reading and art. She has entered a number of artworks into the Festival Art Exhibition. Francesca enjoys travel and has travelled to Costa Rica, Thailand, Europe and the USA. While in Costa Rica, Francesca volunteered with sea turtle conservation. She would like to go on an adventure tour of New Zealand next. Francesca mane her goals as gaining a permanent position at GPS and own her own home in Grenfell.

Grace Kelly

Grace is the daughter of Stephen and Jennifer Kelly of Piney Range/Quandialla and is representing the Grenfell Lions Club Inc as their Festival Queen Entrant. Grace is a House Captain at THLHS and waitresses at the Grenfell Country Club. Grace is Band Trombonist with THLHS band. Grace finds it very important to give back to the community and volunteers for Meals on Wheels. Grace has also dedicated a lot of her time volunteering as a teacher and coordinator of the Learn to Swim Campaign at the Quandialla Swim Club. She considers swimming a very important life skill, to prevent drowning and ultimately make children more aware of water safety and the danger of water in the community. After finishing her HSC this year at The Henry Lawson High School, Grace would like to continue her education at Charles Sturt University at Wagga Wagga to study a Bachelor of Medical Radiation Science