Children's Competitions - A message from the co-ordinator

Greetings All,

As 2018 begins, it’s time to think of the Children’s Competition for the Henry Lawson Festival. The committee values the work that the schools do each year as the display is always a feature of interest in the Main Street and the children enjoy finding their work in the windows. The theme for this years Festival is ‘Poetry in Motion’.

This title will be a broad scope for wonderful art work once the children understand what it means.

A thesaurus suggests many words to describe such movement eg. Graceful, smooth, beautiful, delicate, elegant, lithe, rhythmic, supple, controlled, dainty, flowing, harmonious, practised, skilled, springy etc.

Children could brainstorm ‘Poetry in Motion’ in

  • The animal world including fish, birds and insects
  • Sport, gymnastics, diving, skating, swimming
  • Dancing, ballet, acrobatics
  • Nature, waves, clouds, wind
  • Others, kites, swing, balloons, bubbles

Hopefully many more ideas will flow always remembering MOVEMENT is the key.

The children’s work will be collected on Friday 25th May or may be left at the Grenfell Library. After judging, the work will be on display in shop windows from Monday, 5th June – Tuesday, 12th June after which they will be returned to the school.


Jenny Hetherington