2019 Children's Competition

With the theme set and preparations well under way it’s time to think of the Children’s Competition for the 2019 Henry Lawson Festival.

The theme for this years Festival is ‘Ode to Winter’. The committee values the work that the schools do each year as the display is always a feature of interest in the Main Street and the children enjoy finding their work in the windows. 

The theme 'Ode to Winter' will be open to a wide interpretation including weather, activities, clothing, sports, etc. 

‘Ode to Winter’ was explained as:

  • An ODE is a poem that can be sung or used as an address in an exalted style. The word ode (from Ancient Greek) is a type of lyrical stanza. Odes are refelctive poems that usually praise the subject. It consists of four or more lines using highly expressive language. Henry Kendal's well known poem 'Bell Birds' is an ode.
  • WINTER is the coldest season of the year, and when the Festival is held. The name comes from an old Germanic word that means “time of water”.
    Think winter sports: involving snow/ice -tobogganing, skiing, ice skating, hockey, winter Olympics, rugby. Or Winter clothes: coats, jumpers, scarves, jackets, hoods, warmth from local fibre wool, boots. Or Winter crops: wheat oats, barley, winter vegetables, winter food like soups, stews. Or Winter inside: warm fires, Christmas in June?

Stage 1 will do art work, stage 2 & 3 artwork with an Ode being part of that work. 

The children’s work will be collected on Friday 24th May or may be left at the Grenfell Library. After judging, the work will be on display in shop windows from Monday, 3rd June – Tuesday, 11th June after which they will be returned to the school.


Jenny Hetherington