2018 Photography Judges

The Photography co-ordinator is pleased to announce the judges for this years Henry Lawson Festival Photography Exhibition and Competition. Read more about them here:

Jan Mann

I've always had an interest in art, and particularly in photography, having been a continuous member of my local camera club since 1983.
Today I like to use my photographic skills to create images inspired by the world around me...the exquisite detail of a flower...the majesty of a sweeping landscape...the intrigue of an abstract...the expression of human emotions.
I am completely comfortable combining photography and art by using the tools of the digital darkroom to construct my images, and am constantly exploring new subjects and techniques.
What a wonderful world we live in, and photography encourages us to enjoy it to the fullest!

James Thomson FRPS

My photograph really started back in 69 when on a return trip to Scotland, a friend suggested i get a camera to record some of the great landscapes in Scotland, on my return i joined the Maitland Camera Club and from there it took off, within a few years my interest turned to wildlife, after a few seasons working with photographers who were well known in that field i started entering National exhibitions and then over the years internationals, with considerable success,, winning a great number of top awards over the years, this year , although i only enter a few i have been successful in winning five Medals, one best of show, my interest covers all aspects of nature, and also outside Australia, my regular articles have been going on every 2 weeks for the past ten years, for the Mercury Newspaper and looks like continuing for some time yet, my other points of interest were becoming a Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society, past Chairman of the Maitland International, which i am now a life member and the same with Maitland Camera club,, i do hope this is enough for you Mardie and i look forward to meeting you.

John’s work has been published in environmental type magazines such as ‘Australian Geographic’, ‘Nature Australia’, ‘GEO Australasia’, ‘Wingspan’, as well as garden and photography magazines.
In July 1999 John took an early retirement from his profession in Medical Pathology to pursue his interest in natural history photography.

Helmut Berndt - Biography

Helmut is an experienced photographer with a long-standing interest in natural history, bushwalking and travel. He is a member of the Australian Photographic Society, Victorian Nature Photography Group and Orange Camera Club Inc.
He enjoys taking photographs of a broad range of subjects, from people to architecture, sport and still life. He has a passion for shooting landscapes, wildflowers and wildlife, especially when walking in locations such as the Snowy Mountains and the Victorian Alps as well as favourite spots in the Central West of NSW and the Blue Mountains.
His photographs have been exhibited as projected images and prints in local, national and international competitions and he has been a judge in such competitions for over 30 years.