Friends of Grenfell

Become a friend of Grenfell and support the Henry Lawson FestivalYou are invited to join ‘Friends of Grenfell’ – the power of a many people making small donations.

No matter where you live, here’s your opportunity to give support to the Festival.

If you would like to help out with a donation, please be assured that your contribution will be:

  • wisely invested
  • grow in value by our volunteers’ efforts
  • very much appreciated by all.  

All donations go directly into the Festival bank account and your name will be displayed on our honour-roll (you can opt-out of this if you prefer anonymity). As a ‘Friend of Grenfell’ we will keep you up to date about Grenfell and the Festival. 




Honour Roll of Friends of Grenfell

Lachlan and Vanessa Gibson
Barbara & Lyle Stewart
Hugh Moffitt
Emily Hunter
Sally Hunter
Valerie Parv
Carolyn Bragg
Diane Donohue
Dani Millynn
Will Shone
John Waugh
9 Donations totalling $440


Why we started the ‘Friends of Grenfell’ page

Many of you would have enjoyed growing up in Grenfell, are still here, have moved away, or have never lived here, but have come to at least one Festival, or hope to come to one soon. 

The Henry Lawson Festival started in 1958 and still remains non-profit with free entry.  It has run continuously for these 57 years due to the dedication of a long list of volunteers who ‘get in’ and make it happen.  

As you can imagine, after this length of time, there is a very long honour roll of generations of local individuals and families who have donated their efforts. And there is also a very long honour roll of Festival Special Guests and talented award recipients.

Now is a good time to become a ‘Friend of Grenfell’ to give your support to the Festival.