The Street Entertainers at The Grenfell Henry Lawson Festival of the Arts attract the attention of guests with elements of interactivity making the festival experience more dynamic.

Applications open 24th March, 2022 and close 15th April, 2022

Accepted entertainers will be announced and notified no later than 22nd April, 2022.

Static Parade

This year the Parade will be very different as it will take the form of a Static Parade. Displays will stay in one location and the spectators will be moving along the street to enjoy the community contributions. Organizations, clubs, community groups, schools and businesses are encouraged to join in the street party atmosphere and add some entertainment or something of interest to showcase their cause, creativity, talent, or service. Areas in the street will be allocated for Static Parade exhibits at allocated times to keep the street alive with action and activity.

If you would like your organization, team, club, group, business, or school to feature on the Saturday please email your name and phone contact number to

This is a great opportunity to promote and demonstrate to everyone what you have to offer our community. For service providers it’s the ideal way to promote awareness and get your message to the community who are wandering the streets looking to be involved in what’s on offer. We have already received confirmation from the Girl Guides, Rural Fire Service, SES and others that they are planning a few surprises for our Static Parade.

Please don’t let the word “static”, make you feel your contribution to our “Static Parade” must be still. Yes, you can just have a display of information or a still life creation, but don’t let the word “Static” deter you from doing things that do involve movement. “Static” is merely the term used for positioning you in an allocated space where you can dance, sing, recite, perform a short play, have a display where you can meet and greet people, place your float for public interaction, or showcase your community organization. The potential is endless for exhibiting or entertaining the anticipated crowd that will be moving around to see what our community has to offer.

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