The Henry Lawson Festival of Arts are thrilled to be offering regional visitors and community members the opportunity to interact with the world acclaimed James Morrison.

Adults $35 Students $25

Time: 9:00 AM

Venue: Showground Pavilion

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Through his personal introduction and sharing of tips, techniques, question time and demonstrations, audience participants will gain insight into the vast experience and wealth of knowledge that the multi-talented legend has gained over his lifetime.

Students and musicians are encouraged to bring their instruments for a dynamic learning and creative experience. This workshop is not just about jazz, it’s a musician’s chance to hear first-hand all about being in a band, performance techniques, playing techniques, and topics relevant to the audience, as James skilfully tailors his workshop to cater for those attending the workshop.

For those who love James Morrison’s music, this is the ideal time to enjoy being part of an exposay and intimate sharing time with the great legend. There will be a special time allocated for questions from the audience so prepare yourself for a truly inspiring morning with the legendary James Morrison.