Window Competition

Window Dressing CompetitionThe Window Dressing Competition is an opportunity for businesses and organisations on Main Street to participate in the theme of this year’s festival and to decorate their windows and shop front to win prizes.

The displays are often detailed and amusing and provide an extra layer of interest to the spectators in Main Street.

2018 THEME: 'Poetry in Motion' 
‘Poetry in Motion’ is a phrase that usually refers to movement that can be graceful, smooth, harmonious, flowing, controlled or skilled. MOVEMENT is the key word – up/down, side to side, back and forward.
The Henry Lawson Festival Window Dressing Competition is an ideal opportunity for local business to showcase Grenfell’s premier Festival. Past Festival business house windows have greatly assisted to build a sense of excitement in the community.

Coordinator Information

Joan Eppelstun

p. 02 6343 1033

Entry Form

Entries have closed for 2018