Street Procession

Henry Lawson Festival Street ParadeThe street procession is one of the highlights of the festival. A range of floats are prepared in the months leading up to the festival by local organisation including school and service clubs.

In addition the procession includes street performers, vintage cars and motorbikes and classic machinery.

Entry is free in the procession and various prizes are awarded. The procession runs the whole length of Main Street and any vantage point on the street will provide excellent viewing.

Commentary about each float is provided from the main stage. You will definitely enjoy this part of Grenfell’s festival!

2014 Street Procession20143 Henry Lawson Festival Street Procession

The themes for the 2018 floats are:

  • Sports and Community
  • Best ‘Poetry in Motion’ theme
  • Best School Entry
  • Best Presented Car
  • Best Presented Motorised Vehicle

Winners of the 2018 Street Procession are:

  • Category 1 - Sports and Community: Poppy Project - Grenfell Garden Club
  • Category 2 - "Poetry in Motion" theme: Mulga Bills Bicycle - St Joseph's
  • Category 3 - Best School Entry: The Circus - Grenfell Public School
  • Category 4 - Best Presented Car: Country Education Foundation
  • Category 5 - Best presented Motorised Vehicle: Fordson Tractor

Coordinator Information

Helen Carpenter

p. 0428 542 708

Entry Information

Entriers are closed for 2018