Poetry in the Park

Poetry in the Park has been held for 28 consecutive years at the Henry Lawson Obelisk, the site of Henry Lawson’s birth in Grenfell.

Poetry in the ParkThe poetry is performed by two local retired school teachers John Hetherington and Bruce Roberts and the poetry is various verse by Henry Lawson, Banjo Patterson and more.

The performers will accept request on the morning. It is a free event with all visitors welcome to come along and enjoy. The atmosphere of the poetry early on a cool foggy Sunday morning is enhanced by the campfire and visitors can keep warm by sipping on freshly made billy tea and damper.

If you have't been before, join John and Bruce under the spreading gum tree at Lawson Park on Sunday, 12th June for an Australian heart warmer. Bring a chair. Damper starts at 9.00 o'clock and poetry at 10.00.

Coordinator Information

Auburn Carr

p. 02 6343 2855