Poetry Events

Bad! Slam! Poetry on the Boards – Saturday 10th June 2017 - just after the parade.
This traditional Festival event lends itself towards Bush Poetry, Humorous Verse and Performance Poetry. Come and recite. Bring your verse and a friend, or five, to join fellow Festival-goers in a relaxed, non-competitive poetry hour. This is the perfect way to kick off your Festival Saturday afternoon. This event starts soon after the parade, with registrations at 2.45pm, 3pm start, 4pm finish. Depending on time available, rounds of one poem per performer. Each performance is not to exceed 5 minutes. Poetry on the Boards will take place in the garden at the Criterion Hotel.

Please choose your piece in keeping with a family friendly environment. Entries taken on the day.

Further Information

Lachlan Martens

p. 0417 090 874