President's Welcome

John Hunter - President, The Grenfell Henry Lawson of Arts Committee 2015

Each passing year see our lives getting busier; full of commitments to work, family and community. We all feel stretched further away from our roots. Henry Lawson spoke of the time when “…You and I were faithful mates all through the roaring days.” He was speaking of the thrill of the Gold Rush but also of that “best time” from our memories.

The Festival committee wants you to relive and share your favourite “roaring days”. Is it a longing for simpler times or the freedom of the years of youth? Come back to Grenfell and celebrate the times that made you who you are.

The Festival Procession this year is themed Your Favourite Decade. Recreate that time of “Roaring Days” which appeals to your spirit; relive those days. Share them with us if only for a few hours on the June Long Weekend in Grenfell. The Photography Competition follows the theme of remembering the best by asking you to Come Home.

Our congratulations go to the Sesquicentenary Committee for all the work and commitment they have displayed in recognising and acclaiming the past 150 years of Grenfell. We wish then every success over the October Long Weekend. The Henry Lawson Festival of the Arts Committee invites everyone to join in the celebration of 150 years of Grenfell. Grenfell’s sons and daughters are very proud of our home.

The Committee welcomes everyone to Grenfell to this 59th Henry Lawson Festival of The Arts.

“…And of the hearty greetings
And hearty clasp of hands
Would tell of sudden meetings
Of friends from other lands.”

“Said Grenfell to My Spirit”

John Hunter
The Grenfell Henry Lawson Festival of The Arts